A Message From The Founder

Striving to empower learners of all abilities to succeed in school, we founded Special Needs 360 Care as a comprehensive service to help families overcome barriers limiting their child's success and happiness in school.  The students we service include children with reading challenges, ADHD, autism, and other specific learning challenges.
We are devoted to teaching our students and their parents how to take control and cope with their struggles or impediments.

As parents and educators, we see children expressing behaviors that are often dismissed as 'lazy' or 'uncontrollable' by others. In most cases, there is a predictable trigger that can be addressed and there is a school resource or educational strategy that can support your child to succeed. We work through situations like this every day and can attest that there is something to be done.
When parent-teacher meetings are not solving the underlying issue, educational advocates can help intervene at school or at home. We help eligible students obtain appropriate plans and custom accommodations at school (IEPs, 504s). With our one-on-one training, our students implement techniques for improving attention and organization skills.
We bring our families and their teachers on a learning journey to understand the student's behavior and underlying triggers. We propose an individual action plan and ensure successful implementation. We stay connected with you, your child, and their teachers along the way (with unlimited emails year-round). Celina has 20+ years of experience working inside the school system, and a passion for helping families receive the services they are entitled to.
We empower you to give your child every advantage. Book a free consultation to further discuss your concerns.
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Celina Chocron, M.S.Ed.


20+ years of experience in education