Profesional Reviews

"Upon meeting Ms. Chocron, one is immediately struck by her dedication, affability, work ethic, and motivation to succeed for student benefit. She works as a principled individual where her driving modus operandi is to simply serve her students, staff, and parents. She is tireless in her work, and leaves zero stones unturned."

David G. Cullen, Ed.D

Founding/Interim Principal

Franklin Academy Middle   School/High School

National Board Certified Teacher in Social Studies Education     2016

" Celina worked diligently with classroom teachers and has proven to be dedicated and invested in the children's success.

Celina is passionate and a pleasure to have as part of the Learn it Team.

The majority of the students that she sees have an Axis I Psychological diagnosis that is preventing them from being successful in regular classroom setting. She is well liked and truly appreciated by students, parents and principals at all schools.

Valarie Rolle

Program manager         2014

" Celina Chocron served in the capacity of teacher, curriculum specialist, aftercare coordinator and Camp Director.

Celina's performance exceeds expectations in regard to creativity, classroom management, time management, quality control, safety and all teaching benchmarks in the field. Celina is responsible and caring towards her students, the school families and her peers"

Leah Spalter


Chabad of Weston     2009


"Celina Chocron has been involved with our school for over 12 years. First as a preschool teacher and primary teacher, then coordinating the elementary department and for the last 4 year directing the entire school. She is responsible, organized and motivated leader . She directs her staff in calm and respectful manner and creates a strong team effort.Her relationship with the parent body have always been positive and issues that arose were dealt with expediently and in professional manner."

Rab. Moshe Perman

Director Or Chabad

Venezuela  - 2002                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

954-394-5265 (call or text)

Celina Chocron, M.S.Ed.


20+ years of experience in education